Best AC Filter DefendRx Polarized Media Filter 1" Panel With Pop Up Corners + 3 Low Pressure Media Refills

Buy the Best AC Filter for your Lungs, AC Equipment and your Family

You have two air filters! Your Air Conditioning "AC" Filter and your Lungs. The better the AC Filter works, the less your lungs must work. You need the DefendRx Polarized Media Electronic Air Purifying Filter. It slides right into your AC Filter Slot and is powered by your Air Handler or a 120V plug. It performs better than a MERV 13 filter and has Low Static Pressure Media that doesn't restrict airflow like most filters. It removes airborne dirt, dust, pollen, germs, bacteria, viruses, odors, VOCs, and other elements down to .3 microns in size and can remove some VOCs down to .007 microns in size. It is important to note 98% of particles in the air are below 1.0 micron in size which most air filters cannot catch. The DefendRx EAP is a true air cleaner that when combined with UV Sterilization, is the best air purification system available to protect humans, pets, and AC equipment. 

The DefendRx Electronic Air Purifier (EAP) is a 1-inch configuration frame and media combination kit and includes metal filter frame with patented Low Static Pressure media plus 3 replacement media pads, wiring harness direct to air handler transformer or order separately a 120V wall plug, Lifetime Warranty Card (powerhead), label to track changes, and product registration instructions/benefits. This electronic air purifier cleans the air of particles down to .3 microns with 97% efficiency, has low static pressure impact ensuring HVAC equipment can perform as designed when properly specified. Learn about the Best AC Filter for your Family, AC Equipment and Most Importantly, your Lungs. Visit our site below to see the Airflow vs. Resistance Static Pressure Chart image comparing to a popular Filtrete filter available at home centers. The DefendRx EAP comes in 1-inch, 2-inch, 5-inch configurations and in all standard sizes. The 1-inch and 2-inch configurations can be custom made to any EXACT fit size accommodating the filter slot. 

You can have advanced air filtration for your family and can install it yourself or we can arrange to have an experienced air conditioning professional install it for you. 

Go to to order your DefendRx Advanced Air Purifying Filter today.


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